10 Steps to Designing a Backyard That Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

10 Steps To Designing A Backyard That Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

Your family wants to hang out in your backyard, and you want them to hang out there, too.


But how do you ensure that everyone feels comfortable and welcome? First, take these 10 steps to design a backyard that’s family-friendly. Your family will thank you!

1. Expand Your Patio

Adding an extra room to your home is expensive, which is why many people choose to expand their existing patio instead.

Expand Your Patio

Patios make great additions for family members and pets alike. A good rule of thumb when considering any room addition or renovation is as follows: Try to avoid making sacrifices—it’s better to include everything that you want rather than exclude something you need later.

This holds true with patios too; if you want both a fire pit and an outdoor grill on your patio, go for it!

2. Create An Outdoor Kitchen

A family-friendly backyard doesn’t have to be boring or sterile.

By installing an outdoor kitchen, you can provide space for everyone to enjoy, whether they want to throw together a grill and some cold drinks or prepare meals in style.

Outdoor Kitchen

And with storage and appliances conveniently located away from your house (and off of your property), cleanup won’t be such a hassle after mealtime.

3. Add A Wading Pool

One of the best ways to enjoy a family-friendly backyard is with a wading pool!

Wading Pool

It’s an economical way for families with small children or adults who want to cool off on warm days. You can find one that fits in just about any space, but be sure that you have enough room for it and consider how you will keep it filled—the water can get heavy!

Add plants around it so that kids can see fish swimming around when they look down into it.

4. Build An In-ground Trampoline

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about family-friendly backyards is an in-ground trampoline.

In-ground Trampoline

While these are fun, they’re also quite dangerous if not built or installed properly. Always hire a professional who has experience building and maintaining these structures.

Consider adding on an in-ground pool and basketball hoop as well. This will encourage your kids to spend more time outside without having any worries about safety issues.

5. Add A Ping Pong Table

While some might argue that adding a ping pong table is all about you, I argue that it’s all about your family.

Ping Pong Table

Ping pong tables are popular for more than just kids’ birthday parties. It can provide an hour or two of entertainment for everyone in your family—from teens to grandparents.

You don’t have room in your yard? No problem!

6. Put Up Giant Jenga Blocks

The game can be a fun way for friends and family to get outside and enjoy each other’s company.

Giant Jenga Blocks

If you have old Jenga blocks lying around, set them up in your backyard with some chairs and refreshments—you could even make an event out of it by having multiple people challenge each other on their next turn.

The party doesn’t stop until someone makes it through all of the stacked blocks without knocking one over!

7. Add Sprinklers

Water features, whether they are small or large, can really help create a family-friendly backyard.


They provide great fun and entertainment for young children while allowing older kids to have their own time underwater.

The larger ones allow adults who want some time away from their children to relax in peace and quiet with friends or family members at any age.

8) Build A Putting Green

No backyard is complete without a putting green.

Putting Green

A great game of putt-putt is an excellent way for family members of all ages to spend quality time together, even in cramped quarters.

Once you’ve cleared out enough space for your green, it’s time to lay some turf and drop a ball (we recommend one with a high-gloss finish).

Now you’re ready for prime time. Have fun!

9. Build Some Shade Structures

Our family loves sitting outside on summer days, but we live in an area with bright sunlight for much of the day.

Shade Structures

To make sure that everyone can enjoy time outside without risking sunburns, we’ve made a point of adding plenty of shade structures—trees, screens, and even a canopy or two.

In addition to providing some relief from direct sunlight, they also look great.

10. Celebrate With Family Barbecues

Every family loves barbecues, but if you’re designing your backyard for children who are still learning their independence, you should also consider areas where they can play on their own.

Celebrate With Family Barbecues

Invest in grassy areas and pathways that keep things simple for little legs while allowing them plenty of space to run around.

Family-friendly backyards should accommodate all age groups without compromising safety.

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