10 Tips on How to Celebrate With Family Barbecues

10 Tips on How to Celebrate With Family Barbecues

Now that you have a family-friendly backyard, it’s time to host some barbecues. Here are 10 tips on how to celebrate with family barbecues

1. Plan Your Cookout

A lot of families will plan their BBQ party months in advance, figuring out where they’re going, what they’re serving, and who is attending.

2. Choose Menu Items That Can Be Prepared At Home

You don’t want to spend all day cooking and then be too tired to enjoy yourself once guests arrive.

3. Choose Foods Everyone Likes

10 Tips on How to Celebrate With Family Barbecues

Make sure there are options for people with different tastes—and if someone doesn’t like something, try not to make a big deal about it!

4. Pick Food That Won’t Spoil

While we recommend you avoid perishable foods like meat or seafood, these tend to keep well if they’re cooked or frozen beforehand.

5. Pick Food That Won’t Stain

Consider putting down plastic tablecloths so no one has to worry about stains when eating outside.

6. Use Plates and Utensils That Can Handle Being Outdoors

If you want to use china or silverware, put them away before dinner starts and bring them back out again afterward.

7. Bring Along Sunscreen, Bug Spray, and Water

If your family loves spending time outdoors, these should definitely be considered essentials for any barbecue party.

8. Don’t Forget Entertainment

When it comes to entertaining kids at a barbecue, toys are usually more fun than games—but both work well depending on age groups.

9. Have Paper Towels and Trash Bags Handy

10 Tips on How to Celebrate With Family Barbecues

Since you never know what might happen at a family gathering, always prepare for an accident by having extras of everything (paper towels, trash bags) around.

10. Have Lots of Ice Available

Ice makes everything better—from drinks to dishes to sunburns!

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