Importance of Outdoor Play in All Weather Conditions

Importance of Outdoor Play in All Weather Conditions

Children need to be able to play outside in all kinds of weather. The benefits of outside play on children’s lives are many and include:

Psychological and Cognitive Development

The importance of outdoor play is a large part of a child’s development. Some of the benefits of outdoor play that have been identified are mental, emotional, and cognitive.

Importance of Outdoor Play in All Weather Conditions

For example, a lack of physical activity for a child can cause a lack of mental, emotional, and cognitive development.

In other words, a child who is not physically active will not develop their full potential in these areas.

Furthermore, studies have shown that children who spend time in nature experience less stress and anxiety.

Health Benefits of Outdoor Play

A day spent playing outside is good for more than just the young children. The more active adults are, the longer they are likely to live.

Adults who are more active are also less likely to get more chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, colon cancer, and osteoporosis.

The benefits of outdoor play for children are especially valuable. Children who play outside are less likely to be obese.

Fitness and Flexibility

Movement is an essential part of proper development for young children.

Importance of Outdoor Play in All Weather Conditions

Time spent at play gives kids the chance to run, throw, climb, balance, and lift which improves their muscle strength, builds balance, and improves flexibility.


All in all, outdoor play is a great way to bond with your child in a safe environment, and responsible use of natural resources.

Innovative and Creative Thinking

We all know how kids are more likely to be imaginative thinkers when they are outside, or when they are playing with new materials or toys. But did you know that outdoor play also fosters good problem-solving, creativity, and literacy skills?

Importance of Outdoor Play in All Weather Conditions

For example, children are able to learn about shapes and how they interact when they explore the terrain outside. And when we explore we can go anywhere we want to, and we can do anything we want to do!

Hopefulness As Benefits of Outdoor Play

Despite the fact that happiness has increased in recent years, children are struggling with their mental health.

One of the culprits may be the increasing amount of time spent indoors in front of screens. Research has shown that children who spend less time in nature are more likely to suffer from PTSD, depression, or anxiety. This is why it is important to get children out in the real world and connect with the natural world. With the rise in screen time, outdoor play is much too important to neglect.

Overcoming Challenges Experienced When Playing in Some Weather Conditions

The problems we encounter when we try to play outside in the cold and snow are keeping kids and parents warm and dry and the fear of not wanting to get hurt and/or not wanting to get their clothes wet.

There are many things we can do to keep kids and parents safe and dry. For example, we can bundle the children in warm winter clothes and get them to play in the snow. They will get more active and get better at building snowmen and snow carousels.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, outdoor play is a great way to bond with your child in a safe environment. It pays off both in exercise and also in development.

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