10 Fun & Easy Activities for Cool Weather Camping Trips

10 Fun & Easy Activities for Cool Weather Camping Trips

If you’re trying to plan a last-minute camping trip but don’t want to leave your family in chaos, here are some ideas that will make your weekend away a stress-free experience.

While camping is fun in itself, these activities can take it up a notch while leaving you more time to enjoy nature with your family. Get out of town without getting out of control!

Here are 10 fun & easy activities for cool weather camping trips:

1. Put Together A Group Scavenger Hunt

Instead of playing traditional games like charades or truth or dare, get everyone involved by giving them each an activity to perform around camp (like rolling up pinecones into cones or unscrewing bottle caps and putting on new ones).

10 Fun & Easy Activities for Cool Weather Camping Trips

Leave room for creativity by telling people what kind of things they’ll need (and how many) – but no cheating allowed!

2. Make Smores Kits Ahead Of Time

Next time you’re stuck inside during a storm, get everyone excited about going camping by having smores as soon as you get home; assemble kits with enough supplies for 2 – 4 people in each one.

Pack marshmallows, Hershey bars, and graham crackers separately so they stay dry; then pack toppings such as nuts and chocolate chips separately so they stay fresh.

3. Designate One Person To Handle Chores

If everyone picks up after themselves, staying organized should be much easier – even if you are camping in a muddy field.

Designate someone each morning (or the night before) who will take care of duties like cleaning dishes or taking out the trash.

And because they know it’s their job throughout the day, they won’t avoid doing chores when it’s inconvenient.

4. Work Out At Home Before You Go

No matter where you go, working out outside will always be more difficult than working out indoors.

10 Fun & Easy Activities for Cool Weather Camping Trips

But preparation makes all the difference when it comes to fitting in your workout routine. Before you go camping, do any exercises that require space or equipment you may not have available (push-ups, squats, etc.) at home, while using as little space as possible.

5. Take A Break From Technology

We live in an exciting world full of constant communication possibilities – but modern conveniences come with drawbacks too.

The ability to communicate quickly comes hand-in-hand with increased expectations for fast replies – which only increases our stress levels over time.

Make sure you’re disconnecting from phones and other forms of media whenever you’re out camping unless you find yourself in dire circumstances.

6. Be Adventurous

Who says you have to spend most of your camping trip relaxing? Use your proximity to nature as a reason to try something new.

See if anyone in your party would like to learn how to set up a tent, cook over a fire, or fish.

If you’re traveling with kids, let them pick activities they’d like to learn more about.

4. Go Out At Night

Camping with children doesn’t have to be boring!

Pack glow sticks and flashlights and go explore at night.

10 Fun & Easy Activities for Cool Weather Camping Trips

Set up a tent in a nearby field and tell ghost stories as you gaze up at a blanket of stars – just remember to watch for roaming wildlife!

8. Pack Old-fashioned Camping Items

Don’t forget to bring along classic camping accessories like kickballs, frisbees, and hula hoops.

You never know when you might have time for a spontaneous game of catch.

9. Be Social

Outdoor activities get your blood pumping and give you an excuse to breathe in that wonderful outdoor air – but if you’re by yourself, it can be hard to keep up your momentum.

Bring along some friends and see if they’re up for an invigorating hike or a refreshing swim.

10 Fun & Easy Activities for Cool Weather Camping Trips

Or, if you’re camping with family, make an extra effort to socialize before bedtime – with a late-night walk or at breakfast in the morning.

10. Relax

After a long day of hiking, swimming, and socializing it’s important to unwind and prepare yourself for another fun day.