Why Outdoor Recreation Is Important 

Why Outdoor Recreation Is Important

We define outdoor recreation as participation in recreation outside of one’s home, living room, or other designated areas.

Outdoor recreation consists of a wide range of activities, from active, physical recreation to rest and relaxation, and from high-adventure to passive, low-intensity pursuits.

You might enjoy a day in the mountains, a weekend in the city, a backcountry camping trip, a waterfall climbing excursion, a fishing trip, a paddle on a lake, a beach day, a winter snowshoe, a safari, a rainforest tour, or any number of other outdoor activities.

The Benefits of Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor recreation offers a number of benefits to people of all ages.

  • Outdoor activity can have a positive effect on mental health, connections to others, and physical health.
  • From a mental health perspective, there’s a clear connection between a reduction in stress and anxiety.
  • When people are out in the wilderness, they are able to reconnect with their own being and identity.

Outdoor recreation also offers people the chance to connect with others in a different way.

Why Outdoor Recreation Is Important 

They have the opportunity to have conversations that are not based on work or family-related topics.

Other Benefits of Recreation

Recreational activities are important for a number of reasons. For example, individuals can benefit from the increased connection with nature.

Additionally, outdoor recreational activities, especially those that are free from major development, may also help to reduce the impact of climate change.